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The key advantages of "Zvezda-STOM" are impeccable service, highly qualified team of professionals with specialized education and experience and individual approach to each client.

Particular attention is focused on the creation of a comfortable atmosphere for patients here. Hygiene and sanitary standards are strictly observed, using only modern equipment, high-quality reliable materials and sterile instruments.

Areas of work in dentistry "Zvezda-STOM":

  • Dentistry and professional oral hygiene.
  • Dental care, treatment of caries, pulpit.
  • Dental restorations: crowns, bridges, implants and removable prostheses.
  • Professional whitening, fluorination and other services for a beautiful smile.
  • Children's dentistry.

Advantages of the choice of dentistry "Zvezda-STOM":

  • A wide range of modern dental services at affordable prices.
  • There would be no charge for the initial consultation! Each guest can ask the doctor all the relevant questions. The specialist will offer a treatment plan, calculate the possible cost and orientate on the terms of execution.
  • A team of doctors with extensive experience. All specialists regularly improve their skills, undergo training, become familiar with new modern methods and integrate the best of them into their work.
  • Safe materials and medical instrument.
  • Comfortable turnkey service. The administrator will help to book a comfortable room in the center and the floor above the clinic for guests who plan treatment for a few days and come from another city or country.
  • Quality assurance. All patients of the clinic receive a warranty card, which indicates the diagnosis, name, surname, patronymic of your doctor, date of work, details.
  • Reasonable price-quality ratio! Discounts for regular customers, special offers and promotions.


Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

Nadezhda Mohareva
Didn't see dentists for a long time and came to the dentistry near her place of work. But it turned out they didn't have a surgeon, and I needed a complicated removal. At work, they recommended the Star-STOM. Found them on the Internet. Basically, reviews of dentistry were good, although few new ones. I called, signed up the next day. I was met by a polite and smiling administrator. I am very grateful to the doctor - I did everything quickly, without pain, gave detailed recommendations, and gave free advice on the implantation that I am going to do with them. Dentistry is modern, good level, comfortable chair, prices are low, there is an X-ray. Very pleased, I recommend. I like it.
Yulia Vasilevskaya
I want to express my gratitude to the dentistry "Star-STOM"! I happen to have lost my front tooth. Naturally, aesthetically it looked ugly, a young woman without a tooth. I went to dentistry "Star-STOM". The doctor made a very competent treatment plan and offered an implantation. So, today I have a beautiful (as native) ceramic toothpress! Everything went perfectly, I am very satisfied with the result! Service at the highest level, qualified doctors, reasonable prices! Thank you!
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